Thursday, July 9, 2015

Enjoy a Game of Beach Volleyball at Old Kinderhook

The Sand at Old Kinderhook 

When The Ice at Old Kinderhook is closed, volleyball is the sport of choice! With 18" of quality sand and a state of the art netting system, two volleyball courts are available to our guests. Our Lake of the Ozarks sand volleyball courts may be reserved and used as your personal playground. Located next to the Cabana, The Sand at Old Kinderhook makes a perfect outing for you and a couple of friends or a great team building exercise!

Basics of Beach Volleyball 

Sand or beach volleyball rules are much different than indoor volleyball. Common mistakes for beginners deal with setting the ball, dinks and side changes. Here are some of the basics for sand volleyball: 

Basic sand volleyball rules state that you're allowed to hold the ball a tad bit longer than a normal indoor set. For this purpose, the ball cannot spin more than 3/4 of a turn or it is counted as an illegal set.  Other illegal setting moves include setting the serve and side setting over the net. The only way you can set over the net is if you are looking straight ahead and the ball goes in that direction. 

In sand volleyball, there are no open hand tips. All tips must be contacted with either the knuckles, straight finger tips or strictly palm action with no finger touching the ball. For a game of sand volleyball, technique over power is needed. 

All games in sand volleyball are played by rally scoring, meaning that every mistake counts as a point for the other team. Games are played best two out of three. The first two games go to 21 points, with the third game going to only 15. Due to weather conditions and sun rays, the teams change sides every 7 points to make sure the game is fair. 

While the hitting rules are very simple, the blocking rule is what is different. If you block the ball, but it still comes over, it is considered one of your three hits. Your team must then successfully get it back over with just 2 more hits.

While these are some basic differences between indoor and sand volleyball, the rules differ depending on the number of participants. For complete outdoor volleyball rules, please visit:

Contact us today at 573-317-3500 about enjoying some fun in the sand with your friends or family! At Old Kinderhook, we pride ourselves on superb amenities and outstanding service for our guests. Over the past few years, we have become a staple of the Lake of the Ozarks community. Come be a part of what makes us so special!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grab a Bite at Old Kinderhook

With updates to our Lake of the Ozarks resort in early 2015, Old Kinderhook now has even more options to quench your thirst and curb your appetite! From breakfast to dinner and the snacks in between, we have 4 different places for you get yourself a treat. Be sure to check them out next time you're here!

The Trophy Room

Looking for a great place to eat a nice dinner? Our award winning restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks features frequent live entertainment, gorgeous views and a warm ambiance. Our amazing chef has prepared menus ranging from mouth-watering sandwiches and pizza to steak and seafood, with nightly features. Call 573-317-3560 for reservations.

The Hook Cafe

Need a place to fuel up before a long day of golf? The Hook Cafe is open early for guests to swing by while enjoying the golf course. Offering breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks and cold beverages, it's a great place to stop and take a break. Contact the Hook Cafe at 573-317-3575!

The Hearthroom

The Hearth Room, Old Kinderhook's newest addition, offers Starbucks coffee and espresso from 6-11 am and a full bar starting at 4 pm. Come in and enjoy a drink at the bar or on the beautiful balcony overlooking the Sand and Ice!

The Cabana

Our Cabana is conveniently located next to The Ice, The Sand, Pool and The Lodge. Serving pizza and ice cold beverages, it's the perfect place to grab a bite while you're taking a break from swimming or playing a game of volleyball. In the winter, you can enjoy a s'more and hot chocolate. The Cabana can also be opened for special occasions; just send us an email request to

Whether you're looking for an "on-the-go" breakfast or a nice dinner, Old Kinderhook has you covered! Come see us this weekend for our All-American Cookout and Pig Roast during our Fireworks Fun Fest! Just $12 gets you a plate or check out our featured dinner menu at the Trophy Room! See you soon for a delicious meal at Old Kinderhook!

Make Old Kinderhook Your Place at the Lake by calling 888-346-4949 today!