Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

With the heat of summer bearing down on mid-Missouri, it's a great time to cool down in the water. Our family-friendly resort at the Lake of the Ozarks has a number of ways to cool off. From lake access to different pools on our property, we can help you and your family chill out this summer! Salt water is used in our two guest pools and we want to showcase some of the benefits it can offer for your next swimming experience.

Easier on Eyes & Skin

Many times traditional chlorine filled pools can cause issues for the eyes and skin of swimmers. The chemical levels are often higher to help keep bacteria at bay. For the same disinfection standard, salt water offers a great alternative. Causing less damage and drying out of skin and eyes, your entire family can enjoy swimming in our salt water pool.

Avoid Dangerous Chemicals

If you want to keep you and your kids away from harsh chemicals this summer, consider an alternative pool cleaner. Salt water is a great way to reduce the amount of chemicals in the water. For a more natural way of disinfecting the water, it's a safer way to keep the pool clean.

Softer Water

Similar to how a home water softener works, a salt water pool can help your skin feel moisturized! For a soft and silky touch, salt water pools offer a great environment for all swimmers. Many avid swimmers prefer the soft feel of salt water versus the harsh chlorinated water.

While you're lounging near the pool, indulge in some tasty treats from The Cabana. Stocked with pizza options, hot dogs, assorted snacks, frozen cocktails, and a full service bar. The Cabana is conveniently located between the pool and The Sand, ready with a refreshing drink!

No matter what your reasoning to prefer a salt water system in the pool you swim in, our resort offers the perfect spot for you. Not only is our pool equipped with the safe salt water, it offers a breathtaking view as it overlooks our golf course at the Lake of the Ozarks. To enjoy our resort first hand, contact us today to book your stay! You can take in the beautiful views, fun activities, and relaxing environment at Old Kinderhook!

With our salt water pool at the Lake of the Ozarks, we offer a safe and FUN place for you and your family to swim. Stay at our resort near Camdenton, MO and enjoy all of the great amenities Old Kinderhook has to offer - salt water pool included! If you're looking for a fun getaway this summer, our resort is the place to be. From golfing to playing sand volleyball to swimming, and everything in between, it's always a great time at our resort for your entire family!

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