10 Home Buying Tips from the Old Kinderhook Pros

Buying a new home at the Lake of the Ozarks is a major life event. You want to make sure all your ducks are in a row and everything is perfect. Finding exactly what you're looking for can come with its challenges. These home buying tips from the Lake of the Ozarks real estate professionals at Old Kinderhook will come in handy!

1. Get the Right Agent. 

A good agent can relieve some of the stress of house hunting. A good agent knows her/his market and can offer excellent guidance.

2. Get Pre-Approved for a Loan. 

A pre-approval letter—or lack of one—can mean the difference in getting or missing the perfect home. It helps you stay realistic about price, puts you more at ease during the process and gives you an edge over other buyers.

3. Don't Look at Too Many Homes. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused if you look at too many homes or seek too many opinions from friends and relatives.  Make a “must have” list followed by a “wants or wishes” list.  Trust your agent to narrow down the field for you.  There is a lot of inventory out there, and you can’t or shouldn’t see it all.

4. Keep an Open Mind. 

More times than they can count, agents say, buyers will start a search looking for that perfect ranch-style home only to find that the features and amenities they really love are in a two-story walkout. Be open to suggestions from your Realtor, who might show you something you didn’t know you would love.

5. Learn as Much as You Can About the Neighborhood. 

A large part of your satisfaction with daily life revolves around the amenities and neighbors where you live.  You can never know too much about the area.

6. Never Buy Without a Home Inspection. 

You can’t rely on what you see in a walk-through.  Problems hide under carpeting and inside walls and attics.  Always get the home you’re buying checked over by a certified home inspector and follow through on any additional inspections he recommends.  You’ll be glad you did.

7. If You Don't Understand Something, Speak Up. 

Ideally, your agent will have run through the home buying  process and what to expect at the outset of your search.  But if you don’t understand any part of the paperwork, process or terminology, ask.

8. Submit a Good Offer Upfront. 

Make sure it’s a realistic offer and submit it with a list of comparable sales to support it. Unrealistic offers get you off to a bad start, and may ultimately cause you to pay more than you might have with a higher, but fairer offer.

9. Be Prepared to Compromise a Little. 

To come up with an accepted offer, you might have to tailor it to a seller’s needs, such as a longer or shorter closing time.  Don’t expect sellers to consent to repairs that amount to upgrades or remodels. And don’t lose a house you love over something as small as appliances or carpet.  These things will not make or break your experience in a house.  It’s the big things such as layout, size and location.

10. Don't Get Emotional. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and tension of offers and counter-offers.  Just remember that you should not move much beyond your predetermined price range, no matter how much you love the house.  You can always consider selecting a back-up house that you like almost as much.  It might take some of the pressure out of negotiations.

If you have imagined owning a home with a championship golf course and a lake at your doorstep, Old Kinderhook is your dream come true. Allow the sales team at Old Kinderhook Realty to help you discover your perfect home. With golf cottages, villas, condos, patio homes, estate homes and homesites, we offer an option to fit every family and every price point. Come home to Old Kinderhook!

Make Old Kinderhook Your Place at the Lake by calling 888-346-4949 today! 


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