The "Perfect" Sandwich

Most good ideas are simple...and most ideas in the kitchens are thought of by what you have on hand. One day in July, I was looking at a box of about 50 cucumbers that were picked fresh from the Old Kinderhook Garden.  I was talking to Tom, the sous chef, and he said his grandma made the best cucumber salad in Brumley.  So I thought why not do a hot sandwich with cold, crisp cucumber salad on it?  I started searching through the coolers and ta-da...Grandma's PBLT was born! ~ Chef Biggs

Grandmas "PBLT" Ingredients

*Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Old Kinderhook's "Signature Rub" 
*Crisp Iceburg Lettuce 
*Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce 
*Old Kinderhook Garden Grown Cucumber-Tomato Salad
*Toasted French Roll

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