The Adventures of Whitney the Elf

Whitney, the Old Kinderhook Elf, arrived at The Ice at Old Kinderhook during our Grand Opening on December 4th. Since she has been here, she's gotten herself in all shorts of shenanigans! While her arrival has been well received, she has one minor issue with sprinkling glitter on our guests. Santa has since informed us that Whitney has been doing this since she was a baby. The glitter is not harmful, just very bright and shiny! If you see Whitney the Elf and don't want to be showered with sparkles, just say "no glitter, please." Instead, you may receive a complimentary S'more's Pack, Hot Cocoa or simply a "Merry Christmas!"

Whitney's Adventures

1. Whitney the Elf took the Zamboni for a ride on her second day here.  We sure hope she knows how to drive that thing! 

2. That Silly Elf Whitney has been relaxing in the pedicure chair at the soon-to-be-open Spa.  She wanted to make sure it was ready for all of our amazing guests to enjoy! 

3. While the Chef was busy baking cookies, Whitney the Elf made quite a mess!  She even left us a message in the pile of flour. 

4. Crazy Elf Whitney was caught hanging from the chandelier in The Trophy Room.  If you see her next time you're there, tell her to get down before she falls! 

5. Guess who had to be first in line for her figure skates?  Yep, Pretty Elf Whitney! 

6. Whitney the Elf is trying to block guests from getting into the front gates that are always open to the public.  Next time you see her, tell her to be a nice elf! 

7. Whitney the Elf isn't sure how the treadmill in the Community Fitness Center works! I guess elves don't like to exercise. 

8. Crazy Elf Whitney has also been trying her hand at golf!  Silly little elf...

9. Whitney the Elf was caught taking baths in our Lake of the Ozarks lodging units. Make sure if you see her bathing in your tub, you tell her to scram! 

10. Whitney the Elf was spotted eating an entire pizza at the Cocoa Cabana!  Make sure she doesn't take a bite of yours while you're out skating! 

Whitney the Elf carries snowflakes in her pocket from time -to-time, that can be redeemed for a free skate session. Wink at her and you may get one!  We hope to see you soon at The Ice at Old Kinderhook.  Whitney the Elf and all the Staff here at Old Kinderhook wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

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