Construction on The Lodge at Old Kinderhook is Nearing the End

The Lodge at Old Kinderhook is nearing completion! 

Soon our Lake of the Ozarks resort will be up and running. Guests can relax and unwind in one of our 84 tastefully appointed guest rooms overlooking Old Kinderhook's award winning golf course. We've carefully selected a blend of units offering King sized beds with sleeper sofas and others with select amenities to accommodate business and recreational guests. Check out the timeline provided by Chad Nugent for finishing everything up!

Thomas Construction Timeline

  • Fire Sprinkler Finish - Monday, January 19
  • Kitchen Equipment - Friday, January 23
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment - Monday, January 26
  • Laundry Equipment - Friday, January 30  
  • Signage - Friday, January 30
  • Punch & Touch Up - Tuesday, February 10
  • Final Inspections - Saturday, February 17
  • Vending / Ice Machines - Tuesday, February 27
  • Staff Training - Friday, March 6 
  • Turnover - Friday, March 6 

The opening date and grand opening have not been finalized yet. Old Kinderhook is already known for championship golf, outstanding dining and impressive amenities, and now we'll have a beautiful lodge to add to the community. For more information on what to expect with our new Lake of the Ozarks lodging, visit: Be sure to check our Facebook page for future updates on The Lodge at Old Kinderhook!


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